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    Outsourcing is the practice of a company contracting with an outside firm to handle a specific business function which does not require onsite presence for business operations or can be done cheaper externally instead of internally. Common functions in a corporation that can be outsourced includes: sales & marketing, data entry, customer service, payroll, human resources, web & graphic design, online marketing & SEO, screen & digital printing etc.
    Outsourcing is important for several reasons: - Outsourcing companies can concentrate on what they do best and outsource work to - experts in the area they are outsourcing. - Cost savings for the company doing the outsourcing. Some companies outsource offshore as well as onshore in order to keep their costs lower so they can keep the prices to consumers lower. - Outsourcing offshore can also help with finding enough employees to do the work that needs to be done.
    Few of the many advantages of outsourcing are as follows:
    Focus On Core Activities Cost And Efficiency Savings Reduced Overhead Operational Control Staffing Flexibility Continuity & Risk Management Develop Internal Staff Milestone Payment Options
    - Update your business plan: This will force you to reflect on what tasks you want outsourced, what sort of match you’re looking for and your time frame for choosing an outsource company. Share this with staff who’ll be involved with the outsource company. - Allow time for evaluation: It’s best not to wait until things get desperate. Start searching for a company to handle customer service when you anticipate a spike in need from a new product launch. - Consider the company’s experience in your industry: Building a website for a service business, for instance, is different from creating one for a retail store. While experience shouldn’t be the deciding factor, you must consider it when choosing an outsource company. - Assess how flexible the company’s capabilities are: A PR consultant, for instance, who specializes in press releases, may not be able to handle radio commercials when your business grows. A graphic design firm who works with copywriters on a contract basis can expand with your marketing efforts. - Ask about how the company plans on organizing the task if it requires juggling different resources: Learn, for example, how they’ll keep track of staff performance and customer feedback if you’re hiring them to take care of customer service. - Get referrals for outsource companies when possible: Ask at networking events and tap into family and friends. Talk to satisfied customers whenever possible. - Trust your instincts: An outsource company is a business partner and you want to create a partnership that’s both lucrative and comfortable.
    - Outsource n Save is an emerging outsourcing service provider based in India.
    - We are a privately owned and funded firm and specialize in providing offshore outsourcing solutions and services.
    - We offer a wide range of services like Sales and Marketing, Data processing, Admin services, Writing Services, Website Design and - Development and Other third party services.
    - We are passionate about building an organization that is valued by our clients, employees and business partners.
    - We have the right resources, attributes and utilize latest technology to ensure we accelerate our clients efficiency, economically.
    - Outsource n Save offers a wide range of services under one roof which are both process and people driven. - We have good understanding on the major services we offer and markets we cater to and therefore we develop and adopt processes matching our client needs. - We help transform noncore processes for greater flexibility, higher efficiency, lower costs and on-time delivery. - Well trained and skilled resources not only posses excellent expertise and understanding on processes and methodologies but also have the right attitude when it come to meeting project needs. - We ensure high data security when handling client information, especially which is highly confidential and carry legal implications.
    A back-end support service guarantees customer satisfaction and builds customer loyalty. Back-end support plays a vital role in taking care of customers 24/7 by addressing their issues and concerns. This therefore is a break-through for any growing organization as their customers are taken care of, which allows them to focus on other core business areas. In today’s highly competitive business environment having a two-way communication effectively & efficiently is a key to success. To listen, understand and proactively offer specific solutions to customers in a business is the answer to 100% customer satisfaction and customer delight. One organization wins over other simply because they are accessible to their customer 24/7.
    Live chat support based solutions are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses in the present world. The level of support that can be offered to the customers using live chat services generally varies from simple to expert variations. When compared to basic methods of providing customer service like phone support and ticketing system, the live chat option can be considered to be a good blend both. On one hand, the live chat allows a customer to chat with an operator in real time and get as much information as necessary in one live chat session. Through the live chat window, the customers can take their time and ask about whatever they need to know.
    Yes you do for sure. Generally, over 50 to 60% of your website’s visitors come through Search Engines. Most of them are discovering your site for the first time after searching for a relevant keyword/s. Search engines like Google assign weightage to websites based on parameters like technical efficacy and content when showing results. To make sure that your website is in sync with those parameters and ranks at the top, you need SEO.
    Google is constantly working towards delivering “more personalized search results”. In this quest, the company releases periodic updates to its search algorithms. A Google penalty or ‘action’ is applied when your website is caught violating one or more of its guidelines. Getting a penalty lifted can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. That's another reason why you should have an SEO expert on board to assist you.
    There can be a number of reasons. You might be working with an active 'Google penalty' without even knowing it or maybe the SEO was not done correctly, or you are in a super competitive niche where your peers are deploying better digital marketing strategies. If you need help, call us up for a free SEO audit of the website.
    Like we said, SEO is like evolution, you get better with time and efforts. You might start seeing initial results for some very obscure keywords within a few days of doing SEO. After a month, you will start ranking on more relevant keywords, and after a year, your SERP rankings will increase for even more focused keywords. The ROI of SEO varies from industry to industry. Basically, it depends on how important it is for your business to come up as the top recommendation in search results? Let's sit together to find out.
    SEO can be a serious asset if online marketing is an important part of your business. Focused keyword selection and content strategy combined with a technically sound website can help you in bypassing competition and tapping new markets. The best part about SEO is that your conversions are completely organic and thus, help you in building genuine brand awareness and loyalty. Which, in turn, helps your organic revenue.
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